Strengthening the European Higher Education Area through Technology-Enhanced Solutions

Bologna Digital Frontpage

Twenty years after the Sorbonne Declaration, the key challenges of opening up higher education, improving the quality of teaching and learning, reforming assessment and recognition, and promoting internationalisation and mobility remain the same for all countries in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). We argue that digitalisation can significantly contribute to overcoming them.

Digitalisation has not been ignored within the Bologna Process (for more on the Bologna Process see here). Policy-makers, individual higher education institutions and other education providers have been active. However, the full potential of digitalisation has not been reached on systemic level. This is partly due to digitalisation being viewed as an additional challenge, rather than a means to meet existing challenges for higher education. In order to emphasise this point, our position paper discusses digital solutions in the context of the main action lines of the Bologna Process. For each of these, it presents current challenges and discusses how digital solutions can contribute to solving them.

It is our aim that the Paris Communiqu​é from the Ministers’ Conference 24-25 May 2018 (for more see here), and the work programme which comes after it, should pay even more attention to the benefits, but also to the challenges related to the increasing digitalisation of our lives. Also the envisaged ‘European Universities’ should set examples in digitalising education, research and innovation.

Attaining a ‘Bologna Digital’ by 2020 is not a separate action line, but a cross-sectional goal which can improve higher education performance in all existing action lines.

  • See the full Position Paper here
  • See Tweets related to our work and join the discussion under the Twitter hash #BolognaDigital
  • See our most recent articles or presentations collected on this website here
  • See who supported and endorsed the Position Paper here



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